COLD & CLEAN - Rainbow Seafood, Inc. is a direct importer of quality seafood products. Our current emphasis is on groundfish harvested in the cold clean waters of the North Atlantic and expertly processed in the Pacific Rim, combining quality with superb presentation. Most of our distribution is to the food service and processing sectors; however, we actively supply retailers and restaurant chains as well.

BRANDING IS IMPORTANT TO US!!! - We actively market three major brands, each with its unique history and characteristics: the ALDA BRAND, RAINBOW BRAND, and the NORTH BREEZE BRAND.

THE CUSTOMER COUNTS - While the focal point of our company is on the production of high quality seafood products that are competitively priced; we place a great deal of emphasis on customer service.  With our streamlined professional staff, we quickly respond to our customer's questions, and help them address their needs.

THE SOURCE - Rainbow Seafood, Inc. believes in representing its suppliers honestly and openly in the marketplace. We involve our suppliers in the sales and marketing process because we feel strongly that maintaining open lines of communication between the customer, the importer, and the producer is the healthiest way to establish and sustain a meaningful relationship.


Exclusive Distributors of

Rainbow Seafood offers custom seafood programs designed to meet a wide variety of needs. Call us today at  (1)978-887-9121 and put our thinking to work for YOUR Company! 


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